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Speedlight Mastery

Damien Lovegrove, DVD, 2011

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The day spent with Damien back in 2010 was thoroughly enjoyable but very full on. Damien's style is to work quickly yet effectively. That means there was plenty to take in and I was a little concerned that I left more knowledge on the train home from Birmingham after my course than I had perhaps managed to retain.

Sometime after his course I bought this DVD and served as a useful aide memoir on some of the more technical aspects of his approach. Camera and flash settings are covered as well as a simple follow to guide on how to replicate his shots should I wish. I'm pleased I bought the DVD as it means of the knowledge I learnt on my day out with Damien will not be lost.

Using Natural Light on Location

Damien Lovegrove, DVD, 2011

I like Damien's casual an informal approach to teaching. He keeps theory to an absolute minimum and put's the emphasis into shooting. In each case he has a clear vision of what he's trying to achieve and although history may not prove him to be one of the “greats", he manages to capture attractive and evocative images in a whole variety of situations.

In this DVD he concentrates purely on natural light and, from some of the portrait work of carried out in my “People and Place" module, this is an area I'd like to explore further.